• (Added) Updated NPC Models! (Finished version)​

  • (Added) Updated Clothing and Armor Durability! (WIP)

  • (Added) Tame-able Pets! (50 In current build)

  • (Update-WIP) Animals capture-able only with Copper Cages!

  • (Added) Collars and Collar Equips Slot!

  • (Added) Tame and UnTamed State! (Pets Only)

  • (Added) Random Ability with pets on capture!

  • (Added)Achievements and Comic Page Added to Site! WIP

  • Update) Updated Miolhrian Scorpion and Dog Models!

  • (Update) Updated sand, stone, clay and rock designs!

  • (Update) Replace broken Lockers and Chest with locked ones!

  • (Update) Updated Controls!

  • (Update)Multiple Icon and Craft Updates!

  • (Update) Dizzy State reduces Speed and Accuracy!

  • (Update) Increase transition into battle speed!

  • Updated Intro and Game Over based on Upcoming Comic!

  • (Update) Comic Cover Update! WIP

    • (Coming Soon) Trading Card Covers based on comics!!!

  • (Update) Multiple in Battle fixes and changes!

    • Gaining and losing Health shows in Red!

    • Gaining and losing Special shows in Blue!

    • Gaining and losing Stamina shows in Yellow!

    • Most Text removed from battle and damage shows on character better!

  • (Update) Multiple Icons updated!

  • Updated Battle screen!

  • (Update) Updated Pet Crafting Table!

  • (Update) Updated Weapons Durability! (WIP)

  • (Update) Updated locked shops after Dark!

  • (Fix) Fixed Training Dummy skills!

  • (Fix) Fix Aftermath text and in battle text box!

    • bug and minor fixes!

Last Updated 06/10/20

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