CHance at Survival

Chance at survival

Chance at Survival is the bases of the game.

This system plays 1 of many events when you sleep or off exploring.

Air Drops

NPC's Leaving biome

NPC's Leaving the Biome- Results in quest being left un done for a time depending on location. Typically NPC return with the next Chance of Survival happening so nothing major to worry about.

Air Drops - Drop higher rated Items from Devices to Healing Material. These Drops can be found in Oak City East, Oak City West as well as Brand  Town! Due to high number of Items, most drops will drop different Items, Weapons and Clothing.

(There is said to be one more drop somewhere...)

Weather Changes -

Trader spoted near by- This will send trader to one of many Safehouses!

​Pipes Breaking- This will cause the Z's in the Biome to break the pipes. This will cause all water Devices not to work. (Wells and Sinks)

Loot Respawn- This will respawn loot in your Biome City!

(Oak Town or Brand Town for the Poison Biome)

Miolhrian Plaque- Coming Soon

Tornado- Coming Soon

Zombie breaking ins-

Loots Breaking ins-

Bandit spotted-

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