• Cage System


  • Traps (Bear Traps)

Cage System (10.8) is the process you using self made cages to catch animals and Zombies. Only during Wild battles and on certain animals.

Cages can only be used on enemies that are Dazed!

Traps is another way of catching enemies. This is used the same way as the cage system but not in wild battles.

Explortaion This allows the Animal/Member to join your team after training and explore for you.

Stat Pet ?????

Protection Pet This allows the Animal/Member to join your party and be sent to explore with one of your Explorers. Protection pets protect Explorers from Dying in exploration.

Copper Cage 25% Catch Chance

Metal Cage 50% Catch Chance

Iron Cage 75% Catch Chance

Steel Cage 100% Catch Chance

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Last Updated 01/27/21

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