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Survive Your Own Story


This is a Comic Game about survival. Finding food and clean water while keeping yourself well-rested and in good health will all be challenges you will face.

{Save the World} of Miolhria from the 6 overpowered DoJo leaders and all other challenges as you make your way through each Biome. However, there are also zombies that you may have to fight against! Thankfully, you are not alone in your plight. There are others in the same situation. Find them, and work together!
       When looting and even venturing out you have a Survival Chance mechanic that gives you odds of survival. This is helpful for deciding to sleep outside by a fire or looting a large building. Be careful with your choices as making the wrong one can get you or your teammates killed. With over 100 maps and 700+ items (800+ items, Armor and Weapons to Craft) there is much to do. It will be a long night!!

Not only do you have to worry about your Food and Water but also Temperature and Watts (Electricity) is a big thing in Miolhria. Your temp depends on the clothing you wear, Weather (Snow, Rain and more.) Eat up and get ready to survive.

Watts determine if you can craft or use any electrical devices. Keep in mind each time you use a device it uses Watts in game.


Capture System

You can capture Mio-la-mon(animal) creatures but just those that are underground or in caves. You will be a be able to use them in many ways. You can tame them and use them to defend your home, or just there abilities! Capture Devices can be purchased from traders or crafted.

Elements of Miolhria: Miolhria is full of Illnesses. Fighting enemies and losing can result in you getting poisoned, burned, cutting yourself(bleeding) or a ton of other illnesses. You should keep supplies on you to stay ahead of this!

Traders and Quests

You can find traders in Miolhria to trade your good and buys items to survive. Quest can be taken from Computers or NPCs in game. They range from recover items, Delivery or even defeat an enemy for them.

Homes: You can purchase Homes in Miolhria by buying deeds from traders or getting them from quest! You home can be decorated with Devices, Furniture, Security Devices and even Captured pet to help you out. Having a home can also lead to attacks so good luck with defending it as you could lose it!


Miolhrian battles are a step into Simulation and Strategy. This is due to Day/Night/Type of Enemy/Location of Battle factor into you win percentage. Keep in mind each lose can deplete your life (HP) hit you with Illness or even slow you down enough where other enemies can surround you! Defeating an enemy will give you loot but will also slow you down if you don't have inventory space to carry it allowing enemies to take advantage! Attacking will give you more loot but has a higher chance of getting more damage on loss and higher chance of illness. Defending allows you to jump back before battle helping you escape if you win or lose. (Allowing enemies not to surround you! Speed may be a good strategy!) You also get less loot with defending but can increase chance at winning!

POI (Point of Interest)

There are tons of POI for Deli, Auto Shops, Homes and even malls in Miolhria to loot! The best way to loot these locations is by having a Bike or Kart which allows you to store more.

(8) Bikes & (1) Karts: Bikes are a good way of getting around town! Not only this but some also include features from storage, lanterns, heating and cooling. Karts are a good way to having extra storage but take up a lot of room.


Enemies Range from Bandits, Mio-la-mon and Zombies!

Bandits Looters Raiders: Looters will only attack you when you sleep stealing your money. You can counter this with some devices in game or having good security on you Base.

Raiders and Bandits are found thoughout Miolhria and are mostly found in POI's. This will not stop them from surprise attacks or Raids on Safehouses and Bases. Bandits are known to take you money when winning in battle and are known to set up mini bases in Towns. By looting them you can make a lot of money!

Raiders tend to have more capture related items but aren't as strong as bandits!

Zombies range from Poison, Water, Fire, Ice and Physical. These Zombies will hit you with illnesses upon getting a win and something even an Infection which prevents you from healing! Keep an eye out as Boss Zombies can be found thought Miohria and do a lot of damage but have the best loot!

There are multiple Devices from Workbenches, Sewing machines, Dark Matter Teleporters, Storage containers, Research Benches and tons more to Loot, Craft, Upgrade in Miolhria!

Chance at Survival

Every time you sleep you have a Chance of Calling on Multiple Events or (Chance at Survival)!

Chance at Survival are random events that happen in Miolhria!

They are but not limited to:

Air Drops, Bandit Spawning Bases, NPC leaving Biome, Trader coming to Safehouses, Hordes Breaking in, Bandit Breaking in, Solar Flares, Weather Change, Heatwave, Cold wave, Waterpipes breaking Boss Zombies in the Area and Horde base attack! (Tornadoes have been removed for tweaking)


Base Defending

Base Defending is a big thing in Miolhria! Once you purchase 1 of 10 furnished homes in Miolhria you can defend it along your journey! With these bases you will have a high possibility of Zombies attacking at random so be prepared! These attacks can cause damage to your walls allowing zombies to spawn in so it will be a long night!

Dojo Battles

Finally, Dojo Battles are here! This allows you to challenge multiple Challengers throughout Miolhria and show who is best. Each Biome has a champion who you can battle and even take their title to become the best in that Biome!

It doesn't stop there Miolhrians! Part of becoming the best is keeping it!

Challengers will pop up for rematches as you explore to get the title from you as well. Clear out local Battle Towers to show who is the number one user in town. Who is the Best in Miolhria?


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