Need 2 Know 4 Battles

  • Attack

  • Defense

  • Win %

    • Critical  n' Weakpoint

  • Field Type

  • Items

  • Bag

    • Items​

  • Flee

Attack n' Defense


Attack- Attacking in a Battle allows you to go all in with little chance of escape

Defense- Gives you room to escape if you have nothing behind you


Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Attacking

  • Winning

    • Receive more loot from Enemy

    • Will take some Damage from Battle

  • Losing

    • Very little chance of Escape

    • High Chance of Catching an Illness from enemy


Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Defense


  • Winning

    • Receive less loot than Attacking Enemy

    • Will take less Damage from Battle than Attacking​​

  • Losing

    • Back away creating distance to Run/Heal​


Win Chance %

  • Each enemy type has it's own Win chance from Animals to Bandits

  • Day Win chance goes Up during the Day and is Down at Night

  • ​Type Critical and Weakpoint can change you chance at Winning a Battle

  • You will have a Higher chance at Winning by Defending

Field Type

There are 5 Different Biomes and Each has it's own Moon!

Enemies of this type will have a Higher chance at Winning

Plaque Moon will overall give all Zombies and Animals a Bonus in Battle






Items- Coming Soon!!

Bags- Coming Soon!!


Flee- Your ability to Escape comes from learning it from a Book.

Each time you read this book you will learn more and Increase your Chance (+10%)