Death at Survival


Death at Survival

Death at Survival is when your Health is depleted to "HP=0" and you are knocked unconscious.

When this happens you need to get to a Campfire! By doing this you will respond in the last Safehouse or Home! (Whichever you set as your spawn point)

If you haven't set one you will spawn in Charlies Safehouse in Oaktown.



  • 2nd Chance at Survival is when you fail to get to a Campfire and instead make contact with an enemy at Death at Survival. 

  • At this point you have no choice but to face yourself in a Battle with a 50% of Winning!

  • Failing this will cause you to stay even longer.

  • In the Final build this will add a Month to the time keeping you knocked out for a month of game time.

2nd Chance at Survival