Patching up the update Miolhrians!

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • (Update) Multiple intro-out Door transfer fixes!

  • (Update) Storage crash fixes!

  • (Update) Pet Storage!

  • (Update) Pet Beds!

  • (Update) Updated description based on food!

  • (Fix) Removed Status from Item Menu!

  • (Fix) Cooked foods never rot!

  • (Fix) Updated Item(Food, Drink and Healing) Items display!    Patch 1/2

  • (Fix) Rhino and Counterpart no longer immune to Physical Damage!

  • Multiple in game item adjustments!

  • other minor fixes..


  • (Update) Re-adjusted Item Menu!

  • (Update) Pet Bed Adjustments!

  • (Updated) Faster update rate after eating, drinking and healing!

  • (Fix) Updated Item(Food, Drink and Healing) Items display!    

Patch 2/2

  • (Update) Updated Pet Craft table to include Cages!

  • (Update) Added in first few New NPC Models!

  • (Fix) Fixed battle animation and Screen transfer battle!

  • (Update) Start off with De-spawn Spray on Normal and Survival Mode!

  • (Update) Push off skill animation Updated!

  • (Update) Skills Page Updated!

  • (Update) Device Crafting in Safe house including Explorer and Com Devices!

  • (Update) “Glob” and "Sluggio" Pet Added!

  • (Update) Battles now only drains rest meter! (-5)

  • (Update) Multiple safe house updates!

  • (Update)Communication device now Craftable! (Require craft in all but CSH)

  • (Fix) Updated Standard Durability of Weapons!

                             (Clothing Durability Coming Soon..)

  • (Update) Updated States, Weapons, and Items!

  • (Fix) Dizzy State now reduces Accuracy ½ for up to 3 turns!

  • (Fix) Fixed Well Openings! (Now require Multi Tool to Open)

  • (Fix) Fixed Vector Squad Animations!

  • other minor fixes..


Last Updated 06/10/20

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