Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • (Fix)Changes and Updates to Training Area!

  • (Update)Updated Tunneling System

  • (Update)Updated Forage Animation!

  • Wolves, Dogs and Floxes have a 20% of catching rabies!(while aggro chance increase to 50%)

  • Updated Collars and Tame state makes pet immune to aggro-ing during battle!

  • (Fix)Environmental Improvements.

  • (Fix)Improvements to Loading locations.

  • (Update)Updated Fioi (Fire)Zombie model!

  • (Update)Updated Boss Fioi Zombie model!

  • (Added)New Fioi Vending Machines!

  • (Fix) Fix and Updated State HUD!

  • (Update)Unread Book Indicator Updated!

  • (Update) Updated Water Zombie model!

  • New Fioi Vending Machines!

  • Interior Walls removal from most homes to improve placement of items as well as help with view while exploring!

  • (Added)Decore Item Teles(TV) Added to some homes!(Confidence boost)

  • (Update)Updated Dash Animation!

other small changes and fixes..

Last Updated 06/10/20

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