Bole's Bikes


  • Basic Petal Bike

  • Superior Petal Bike

  • Flash Petal Bike

  • Basic Motor Bike Coming Soon

  • Superior Motor Bike (Coming Soon)

  • New light bike(s) (Coming Soon)

  • Electric Bike (Coming Soon)

  • Superior Electric Bike (Coming Soon)


Yes there are 4 Basic Bikes (? Total) They all look the same but are very different!


  • BasiC Petal Bike

Basic bike is good for getting around but don't try to run over anything with it or you will fail!


SUperior Petal Bike

The Superior Petal bike is good for getting around and has storage.


  • Basic Motor Bike

The Basic Motor Bike is good for running down Z. The only negative there is you may damage the bike.


  • Superior Motor Bike

The Superior Motor Bike is good for running down Z and traveling long distances. The only negative there as you may guess is damage from use.


Note: Miolhr miama breaksdown bikes over time! Each use takes away from the bikes durability.

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Last Updated 01/27/21

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