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  • Sunny

    • Heatwave​

  • Rain

    • Rain​

  • Snow

    • Cold wave​

  • Wind Storm

    • Tornado (Coming Soon)​

  • Sunny

This weather effect happens most in Miolhria. High chance of Heatwave and Temp raising!  Heatwave will increase body temp to 99+ so keep cold items on you!

(Fire Class Immune to being Heated)

  • Rainy

Rainy weather happens in all biomes but the desert. This Will cause you to get Wet with a 10% chance of getting sick. Towels are great for drying off. (Water Types are Immune to being Wet)

  • Snow

Snowy Weather will cause Temp to be lower as low as 20-. Temperature keeps dropping when it snows causing you to get sick if it drops below 30 and frostbite if below 20! Wear Fur Jackets to help!

(Girl Kid class immune to Temp for a time) (Ice Class Immune to Frostbite)

  •   Wind Storm

Coming Soon...

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