Steam Alpha 0.8.2

18 (0.8.2)






Almost at Beta Miolhrians...Let us get started!
Thanks so much to all the testers and yes I have been taking in the feedback!

Lets get started!!!

Update 18.2.0

  • Expand on Desert Biome!

  • Gould Safe House and Mines Added to Map for Exploration!

  • 2/3 of Desert Biome Added to Miolhria!

  • New Home Added and New POI's!

  • Updated Healing Heaters to heal (+50 Life) and Advanced Heaters Fully +100% Life) heal you!

  • Minor Updates to Protein System with New Foods!

    • Protein can only be unlocked by finding the right book!

    • Depleting this meter will reduce you Life -5!

    • Keeping it above 80 will increase Life +5!

  • 2 New Spawn locations Added for Survival Mode!

  • more to come...

  • Communication Device testing and Updated!

and many more changes and Updates...