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Steam Alpha 0.7.2


17 (0.7.2)




Another Great Afternoon from here Miolhrians!!

Update 17.2


  • Polishing Time HUD!

  • Major Storage Update!

    • Items in Storage containers are limited to 25!(Including Karts, Backpacks and Bags)

  • Overweight now reduces Health 5% instead of 10%!

  • 2 New Dungeons Added to Poison Biome!

  • Tool Notification for Caves and Dungeons Updated!

  • Updated NPC 1/5!

  • 5 New Animals/Pets Added!

    • Dyno & Blasher​

  • POI Loot you can get for completing these locations!

  • Silver and Gold Keys can be found in Air Drops!

  • Updated Locked Doors, Fridges and Lockers!

  • Updated Sewer, Dungeon and Caves Flooring!

  • Updated Desert Flooring!

  • Re-Balanced Enemies in Battle!

  • Update Loot Inventory! 

  • Minor Updates to Kart and Superior Bike Storage!

    • Fixes for Bike and Kart!​

    • ​Adjusted Storage for Both to 25!​


    ​Updated Blue Steel, Pyrite and Wood Doors to final Form!

    500 Steps before first loot Inventory Respawn/Locked Items now respawn!​
  • Reduced Win Percentage of taking on Conscience. (25%)

    • If Lose to Conscience at 2nd Chance you will receive K-O'd State for 200 steps! (Reduce Life/HP 50%) ​

  • Updated Homes to Home Walls(Wallpaper)+Underground locations with Caves Walls(Rocks) and Homes Exteriors with Bricks and outside Walls!

  • Fixes for model performance issues

  • Fixes for Full Screen

  • Adjustments for lighting!

Coming Soon!

Battle Animations on the way!!

Desert Biome!

Wasteland Biome!

Image(Icon) Update 5/5

NPC finally Update! 5/5

Storyline Added!

and many more changes and Updates...

rp1591 1.png
rp1591 1.png
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