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Pre Update 11

Steam Pre Alpha 0.1.0

  • Upcoming Items! (Cleansing Machine stoves and more..)

  • 1st Boss for Desert Biome Added! 

  • Spawning Zombies Updated!

  • Step Counter added!

  • Menu fixes!

  • Character refresh fixes

  • Updated animals!

  • Updated Doors!

  • Stone Pyrite and Forged Pyrite added!

  • Team members now sleep at random! (No COE) 

  • Update Water Drained while outside! (Desert Biome Only) 

  • Zictionary Update started!

  • pyrite and Forged Pyrite Crafts added!

  • Metal Material is changed to lead Material!

  • Fixed Skill menu!

  • New items, Weapons, Crafts and Clothing!

  • and more fixes.



Door Models Updated

Door Models Updated

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