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Update 19.6! (06/03/22) (Live Build)

Welcome Miolhrians!!

Finally making our way to Beta? Hopefully we can fix all and get that done in a month..but until then here what is NEW!

Check below...

Update 19.5
Update 19.6

  • Menu Update!

  • Menu will include New Pet/Abilities/Story Tabs!

  • Blazing Dojo updated and is now complete for this build!

  • Includes new quest, npcs, and more!

  • 2 New POI's to explore!

  • New Ultra Ability added to Miolhria!

  • Multiple fixes from doors to spawn issues fixed!

  • More prices adjusted!

  • Multiple Items update for use!

  • All storage containers Update with new items and devices!

  • More Pet Stats update based on final stats!

  • NEW Injured and Enraged Bandits/Raiders!

  • You can now encounter these enemies throughout Miolhria!

  • New Ultra Ability Added!

  • Multiple Items fixes and added to loot found!

  • UI Updated! (Much needed feedback thank testers!)

  • More Environmental fixes!

  • New Crystal Fusions coming soon! (Update 19.7)

  • More to come!

...that is all for now Miolhrians!

Have a Great Night and Survive Well!

Miolhr Company

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