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Update 19.3(Live Build)

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Welcome back Miolhrians! Finally getting into some Pre-Story!

Update 19.3 only days away but testing always required...

Maps Updated!

Maps now show you what you can find at these locations!

Raiders and Bandits now can use Turmoil Ability!

Turmoil boost Attack and will stun enemy!

Stun ability has been reduced to 25 steps!

Win and Lose Streak Added for Challenger Battles!

Raiders now use pet in pet battles!

Poison (Sludge) and Fire (Blazing) DoJo Challengers Updated!

More Pets will now flee from battle!

Pricing Update!

Prices for all homes have increased depending on size!

Trader can now show up in Gould Isle Safehouse!

Home Generator during base attacks fixed!

(Update) Field Bonuses Now Increases Damage during battle!

More Expensive Homes now have an outside garage for storage and more!

  • Raider Battles Updated!

  • (Some Raiders and Challengers now may have Anti Heal ability which disables you from healing for a small period of time!)

New abilities added to Vending machines!

Loot Update for some loot locations and drops by enemies!

  • Updated New Tutorial for training area!

  • Win and Lose Streak Added for Challenger Battles!

  • Poison (Sludge) and Fire (Blazing) DoJo Challengers Updated!

  • Pets may now Flee from battle!

and more to come...

Experimenting with Leaderboard! (In the Works)

Trading between players! (In the Works)

Thanks again

Miolhr Company!

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