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Patch 19.4.7! (04/29/22) (Test Build)

Updated: May 3, 2022

Welcome Miolhrians!!

Hammer required for a few fixes this week! More about the next update? No just some patch notes... Check below...

Update 19.5
Update 19.5

  • Menu Update! (Coming in update 19.5 final)

  • Menu now includes the Pet/Device Tab and Ability Tab! (Coming in update 19.5 final)

  • Generator crash fix!

  • Shop Upgraded!

  • Mining sand, dirt and coal updated!

  • Multiple Items update for use!

  • NEW BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD Loot containers added in game!

  • Air Drop Pads added throughout Miolhria for local Air Drops!

  • Randomize Stats for Tools and Clothing!

  • Huge Fix! (Miolhrian Plague blocks all exp earned in battle!)

  • Multiple Pet Stats update based on final stats!

  • Major wave of (hidden)durability to all tools and clothing!

  • All Clothing and Tools now have durability and can break!

  • Basic healing devices now heal poisoning, burn frozen and your pets of passed out statuses!

  • Multiple Item fixed and added! (Holy Water, Cash Device and Exp Device)

  • Burned status now has a 50% of lasting on contact or turning into the burning up status!

  • Updated Base Attack booster and time for all buyable homes!

  • Being Burned, Frozen and Poison while entering battles will increase enemies damage by (3) per status! (Max 9 for all 3)

  • New Pets Added to Miolhria!

  • Kart Animation Updated!

  • Homes have now been updated!

  • Updated crafting devices in homes for easier use!

  • Placing items in homes can now be done with "f" key!

  • Many other bug fixes for homes updated!

  • NEW Bandit Kart sold at Bandit Trader!

  • Multiple Items fixes and added to loot found!

  • Updated Inventory spacing and Text Tutorial!

  • Full Screen(F4) and Reset(F5) can now be used in game!

  • New Main Quest(s) and Updated Quest(s)!

  • UI Updated! (Much needed feedback thank testers!)

  • More Environmental fixes!

  • Multiple fixes to capturable pets!

  • Multiple spawn locations Updated!

  • New Pets and Crystal Fusions Added! (Update 19.5)

  • Status Overlay is being added in for testing purposes!

  • Status Overlay for being Poisoned, Radiated, Burned and Frozen is being tested with this build!(Any Issues please report miolhrians!)

  • More to come!

...that is all for now Miolhrians!

Have a Great Night and Survive Well!

Miolhr Company

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