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Upcoming Update 19 v3 (Week 3)

3rd Week Update Miolhrians...Almost at Complete Update lets get into it!

Even though Update 19 isn't complete everyone with the Game can try it out and report issues!

Wrench required to make sure everything is well...

Updates include...

V.3 (Week 3)

...upcoming Mio-la-mon joining Miolhria?!?!


  • Re-Added after much work Field Bonus from Battle! (Outside, dungeons, tunnels and caves)

  • Enemies(Zombies) will get a Bonus based on...

  • Fire Enemies in Desert (Fire Biome)

  • Ice Enemies during Cold Wave!

  • Poison Enemies in Poison Biome!

  • Water Enemies when it is Raining!

  • Physical Enemies at Night!

  • (Players Bonus and Bandits in Next Update)

  • Bike Storage Update for all Bikes and Karts!

  • Each bike only sync storage with the same bike!

  • Plague Night now gives you a 5% of catching the Plague

  • Plague will reduce Experience from Battle to 0!

  • You can now bring your Kart with you for more storage!

  • (You cannot summon a Mio-la-mon with a Kart Active)

  • Mio-la-mon limit and Item Limit Added in!

  • Max Mio-la-mon(Pet) count is 1!

  • Max Heavier Items, Tools and Armor (ei. Crafting Table..Iron Doors..etc 5 stacking!)

  • 2 New Trade Quest Available!

  • Trader Chi Training House POI Added to map!

  • Max Item 99 stacking!

  • Max Heavy Items ei. Crafting Table 10 stacking!

  • Quest Collector Added!

  • Quest Collectors are used to turn in Quest(s)

  • Quest Collectors can be found in Safehouses!

  • Updated Tutorial Dummy!

  • Fixes:

  • Multiple quest Fixed!

  • Fixed some status icons!

  • Fixed storage issue with Kart and storage!

  • Fixed ATM selection with Mouse usage!

That is all for us Miolhrians..

Happy Holidays from Miolhr Company!

....see you for Update!!!

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