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Update 10.3


Control Partial Control Support (XPadder, XBOX 360 and XBOX One) 
(Still tweaking PS4 controls) 
Class Fixes 
Equip Bag removed! (Until balanced) 
Types Updated! 
New Jump Animation! (10.4) 
Allow you to elude Z or other enemies!(Only for Oak town right now!) 

Stats Adjusted! 
New Dashing allows you to get around so much faster! 
Sp. Attack 
Ph Attack 
Environmental Damage 
House Reconstruct for different view! 
Headshot rate/Critical Rate 
Counter Skill 
Accuracy(Acc)/Hit Rate 
Update Icons Images and Effects! 
Fixed Weapons Damage and Accuracy based on Class! 
3 New Rockets Weapon Added! 
Night Cycle fog fixed! 
Jump Ability added!(limited to some Areas!) 
Updated Tree and House animations! 
Fixed Punch and Kick animations 
Adjusted Day/Night Cycle! 
Adjusted States including Bleeding. 
Updated Map! 
New Items and Crafts! 
And other fixes!

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