Steam Alpha 0.7.0


17 (0.7.0)




Afternoon from here Miolhrians!!

So much updated I am not sure what to do...

Thanks A million for all of the testers as your work has helped a ton!

....Here we go...

Update 17.0

  • New UI Time/Date and miolhrian cash HUD added!

  • Adjusted enemy spawns and locations!

  • New dungeons added! (Not all accessible at this time)

  • Adjusted home decor for POI's, safehouses and more..

  • Adjusted rotation speed for character!

  • Introduction tutorial added!

  • Bandit update II! (New Models Added In)

  • Homes of miolhria updated!(Outside and Inside)

  • Fishing animation, spot, research and craft added!

  • Quest and quest log updated!

  • Tons of items updated and New loot items from toolboxes to barrels!

  • Updated load and save menu!

  • Rebalanced weight system! (Bags)

  • Added items such as karts!

  • Other small fixes and changes..​​