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Steam Alpha 0.6.4


Good Morning from here Miolhrians!!

Update 16.4 Notes/Patch

Last Update/Patch for a Week Guys! Think I may need a break...sleep required!

Gonna take a small break between this and next update guys... but for the Update!

Update for Today?

Updated Containers for Individual Storage only!

  • Animal Storage Device added for Storing you Animals! (Pets only container)

  • Wood Storage container only allows you to store Wood Now!

Fixes Zombies Spawning in Safehouses!

Fixed Bandit Animation!

Raider and Bandit Dialog upon battle Updated!

Animal Pet Audio Updated!

Few Item Fixes!

New Blanket Item for drying off from rain!

Updated Teleport Stairs animation between floors!

Added back in Item Devices!

  • Item Devices contain a random Item depending on Rarity

  • (Poor Rarity Item Container will give you a random Poor Rarity Item)

and last but not least...

Intro to Pets has made it's way in finally!

You can now capture Animals in Tunnels, Caves and Dungeons!

  • (Capture Device Ready?) only 4 out of 140 in as of now but Next Update should fix that!​

and many more changes and Updates...

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Last Updated 04/20/21

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