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Steam Alpha 18.6


18 (.6)




Afternoon Morning from here Miolhrians!!

Update 18.6.0

  • New Home and POI's Added!

  • You can now pay instead of Battling yourself and De -Leveling! (Death at Survival)

  • DoJo's Finally Added to Miolhria!

  • New Quest for Clare!

  • You will now spawn in Home if it is set as spawn point!

    • Remove spawning only in safehouse after passing out!​

  • DLC Pack (Bikes) Added! (10/08/21)

    • You can find DLC Exporter at Oak Town(West) Traders!

  • You can now quick travel from Clare's Home!

  • Cleansing Herb is now back in Desert Biomes!

  • Updated Gorny Mart Layout and Added 2nd Mart to Desert Biome!

  • New Purchase-able Home in Gould Biome!

  • 2 New Mining Bikes and Tunnel Bikes Added/4 Total!

    • New Mining bikes can be used to quickly exit Mines!​

      • Mining Bikes has a 50% chance of getting you out of Mines!

        • can not be used in Dungeons!

    • New Tunnel Bikes can be used to quickly exit Tunnels!

      • Tunnel Bikes have a 50% chance of getting you out of Tunnels!​​​

      • These Bikes can not be used in Dungeons!

  • Bole's Bike Shop now allows you to Repair your Bikes and Karts!

    • Petal Bike, Flash Bike, Superior Bike, Mining Bike and Tunnel Bike Repairs!​

  • You can now repair your Bikes and Karts at your local Oak Town Traders!

  • New Languages (Manderin 19) and Espanol 19 and German 19) Coming Soon!!)

  • Environmental Fixes!

  • More home adjustments and fixes!

  • Updated Loot in many locations!

  • Some Items Updated and Weight of Items Adjusted!

  • New Craft able Recipes Updated/Rebalanced!

and many more changes and Updates...

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