16 (0.6.5)


Steam Alpha 0.6.5




Good Morning from here Miolhrians!!

Update 16.5 Notes


Fishing Animation, Spot, Research and Craft Added!

6 New Animals/Pets Added!

Bandit Trader Update!

Device Update!

Environment Update!

States Update!

  • Well Rested boost(Rest+100) (+1 Life Regeneration every 5 steps)

  • Well Fed boost(Food+100)(+1 Life Regeneration every 5 steps)

  • Full with Water(Water+100)(+1 Life Regeneration every 5 steps)

Updated Bandits and Looters!

Updated Petal Bike!

Audio Update!

  • New Miolhrian Speak Added to all human characters!

  • New Themes added for most Locations!(Caves, some homes, safehouses!)

  • Some Audio Changes!(Drinking, Sleeping and more..)

  • In Battle Audio for Bandit, Raider, Looter, Miolhrian, Animal, Zombie and Pet Battles!

New CAS Added!

  • (Winds of change situation responds back pet based animal in caves and tunnels)

New Updated UI for Battle!

  • Depending on Chance of winning you Heart fade in battle!

New Sewing Machine Added!

Fix shadow gap on models!
Fix set property plugin command!
Fix changes to alphaFog not saving!

Deconstructor Device Updated! (Now includes all Crafts)

...and many more changes and Updates...