Major Update Miolhrians...

Well needed  and expected Update!

This should improve game performance to 60fps Maxed(Minimum 30fps)

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • Fresh-Game Restart Required...

  • Game now running at solid 30fps!!

  • Only save at sleeping locations! (no longer auto save on map transfer)(This does not include sleeping bags)

  • Craft adjustments! (fat, dark matter and more)

  • Base and Extended Craft-able Brick homes added!

  • All animals now drop fat!

  • Weapons no longer require ammo to use!

  • Updated Z's and character models in Progress!

  • Equip Skill screen removed for further tweaking!

  • Updated Robber, Bandit, Basic Zombie and Croisi Zombies!

  • Plaque Night moon has been Updated!

  • Reduce Exp gained from foraging Bushes! (+5Exp)

  • Desert Trader added to Desert Biome!

  • Standing rotate added! (you can now stand in place and turn around to pick up items)

  • Updated Battle Locations!(Map Backgrounds)

  • Bike Mounts added to Safehouses and Bases!

  • Updated Airdrop! (New High quality container)

  • Expanded and Updated! D@S(Death at Survival)

  • Blueprint Craft-able Homes Added!(Outline posted of Craft-able Home areas in Miolhria (Craft-Mode))

  • Status HUD removed for testing!

  • Bike Status Updated! (Minor fixes and tweaks)

  • [*]New Over the back camera added to solo homes!

  • [*]Other minor fixes and adjustments.

If Time Allows...

New Animations for battle skills Coming Soon!

Last Updated 06/10/20

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