• New Character Models for Boy and Girl Characters!

(Outfit Cards to be Updated Soon!)

  • Contact damage is now avoidable!

(Wearing clothing can now help you avoid contact damage from enemies)

  • Headshot(State) probability added to game!

(this reduces Health down to 5% for a small time)

  • Chance Situations rebalanced!

(chances of fishing spot appearing, cut from climbing through window)

  • Knockback added to all Basic Skills!

(Dazes and knocks back enemy 1 step)

  • Fixed Hide Skill!

(No longer reduces Health)

  • Mini Maps Added for Outside locations!

  • Bleeding (Status) Update!

(Higher chance of bleeding when shot or hit with sharp Weapons)


  • Enemy Aggro Update!

(Aggro Nights!-Double Z Type Health, Special and Defense for a small time)


  • Sprain Arm and Leg Status Updated!

(Depending on what weapon or enemy attack is used these Status can happen)

Sprain Arm-Disables Punching-Type skills, Reduce Def/SDef and Accuracy!

Leg Sprain-Disables Kicking-Type Skills, Dod/CAS and Accuracy!


  • New SafeDoors added to safehouse 99% Protection!

(When Biome powered Auto-Safedoor works)


  • First 3 Intermediate-Skills linked to Crafting Rank!

  • Trainer (Home Craft)

  • Team Heal (Health n Rest)

  • Repairmen (Weapon n Repair)


  • Communication Device Added and Updated!

(Allows Trade, Quest Turn-Ins and more)


  • Collection Updated!

  • Rebalanced Animal-Type Enemies!

(No longer elemental type)

  • One and Two Handed Weapons Icons added!

and more minor fixes.

Last Updated 06/10/20

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© 2019  by MiolhrSM Company