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Steam Pre Alpha 0.1.1

Update 11 (0.1.1)

  • Character and Enviromental Update on its way!

  • Spoilage and Stamina item indicators added!

  • Fix to HUD! (New Game Suggested)

(Existing Game) Access campfire in Charlies Safehouse to fix!

  • Upcoming Items and Item fixes!

  • Moon Design remake for the Game! 

  • New Repair table!

  • Petal bike no longer degrades!

  • New Kid Class Skills added!

  • Skills fixes and adds!

  • ​New Focus Skill increases Accuracy!

  • New Forage Skill now allows you to forage items!(Depending on location )
    Stone Pyrite added!

  • Minor Fixes!
    Thanks again for all the feedback!

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