Welcome Miolhrians...

Well needed update has been posted to fix much need items and Issue!

Thanks again for all the feedback and enjoy the New View..


  •  New Foraging System Added! (Video Above) 

  • 2nd Boss for Desert Biome Added!

  • Multiple Crafts Updates and balances!

  • Transition Updated for battles! (WIP)

  • Battle Skill Types added! (Skill Type Added to All Skills)

  • Rebalanced Status Effects!

(Status now carry over into and outside of battle)

  • Updated Battle HUD!

  • Reorganize Crafts and added New Crafts!

(Plant Fibers now craft able from “Easy Craft”)

  • Updated Environment!

  • New Jump-able spot added to game!

  • Add first pet!

  • Updated Traders and Loot Respond in Environments!

(Pet Types)

  • Attack Pets, Hunting Pets and Guard Pets Added!

  • Upcoming Items!

  • Tornado Added!(WIndstorms have a chance of Causing this event) 

  • Seasonal effects!

    • harvest and farming in Warmer months!

    • Fishing in colder months only!

  • Chance of Spawning Zombies added into Animal spawner!

  • Team members now sleep at random! (No COE) 

  • Update Water Drained while outside! (Desert Biome Only) 

  • Weapon Durability Added Bk!

  • Zictionary Update!

Small fixes and Updates!

And much more....  

If Time Allows...

New Animations for battle skills..

Last Updated 06/10/20

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