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Miolhr Cyan Editon

Miolhr Cyan Editon




Pokemon meets Wrestling? Miolhr Cyan

Welcome and thanks miolhrians!

We are finally putting things together with our Discord and I thought we should put together something for everyone!
...We have been working hard and brought miolhria to discord. The best part is that you don't have to play the game
on steam in order to enjoy it. As you can tell there is a lot here..
Starting off you have the ability to get clothing, weapons, skills and even Pets here! For what purpose you may ask?

Battling of course.

In our discord you have the ability to battle tons of enemies, hordes and even other miolhrians(players). Your battles will help you rank up
and get more experience for your team. Don't have the time? You can always take your chances on items in the Miolhrian Battle Boxes on the site!
Getting a pet can help you in battle and you can level up your pets tiers or just get a higher rank one from exploring.


Jumping off the box until later this month we would like to talk lastly about Battle to finish everthing off. WRESTLING meets our EXPLORERS here!
Battle will allow you to compete in our weekend events. The top 2 rank trainers will be allowed to challange the champions.
Sludge Champion which is poison based and Blazing Champion which is fire based. The champion will have to defend their
titles once a week on Fridays Saturday and Sunday. If they are not on to do so the contender will be rewarded as the new champions.
As a champion you at anytime can defend your title against anyone at anytime. But losing will reliquish your title to who so ever
you lose to. That is about it for now as we do have a lot more to get into but will save it for our next video next week. 
Thank again for watching and keep surviving miolhrians!

So much more features, events and add on for battle coming soon!!!

Best regards,
Miolhr Company





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