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Update Patch 19.4.5! (04/08/22)

Welcome back Miolhrians!!

First off, I would like to apologize about the delay. We have new characters, pets and storyline to include with this update and is still being tested! More about the next update? Check below...

  • Storyline Update!

  • Ultra-Abilities Update!

  • Life Abilities Update!

  • New Pets Added to Miolhria!

  • New Items and Vending Machines!

  • Battle Status Update!

  • All Loot locations updated with more items to spawn!

  • New Main Quest(s) and Updated Quest(s)!

  • UI Updated! (Much needed feedback thank testers!)

  • Environmental Updates!

  • Multiple Dungeons Updated! (Updated content and fixes)

  • Updated Multiple enemies! (Bandits, Raiders and Challengers)

  • Updated New Tutorial for training area!

  • Minor Chairs Update!

  • Now when resting with pet you restore pets' stamina!

  • New Pets and Crystal Fusions Added!

  • Updated Battle Animations!

  • Updated lighting for some locations!

  • Multiple Audio Fixes! (New Audio + Updated Audio)

  • More to come!

...that is all for now Miolhrians!

Have a Great Night and Survive Well!

Miolhr Company

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