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Update 20.8.7 finally Live!

Welcome back Miolhrians!

Miolhrians 20.8.7 Update is here, and we have a lot to add with fixes and add ons for our last update!!! we go...

Now this update will include....

I want to thank everyone again and also a helper who donated quite a bit to keep use going with our biggest update to include so...much!!!

-Multiple Items Update with 2 New pets to obtains!

-New Trance ability disable you from fleeing battle!

-New Rage ability returns your pet back to its device forcing you to battle alone!

-Hidden ability coming soon! (Allow you to not be seen by Z's in POI's)

-Hidden ability can be used in crates!

-Hidden last 25 steps

-Enemies Levels are now displayed before battle!

-Multiple NEW pets are Craft able!

-Update many items and some you can use for other purposes!

-Environmental Updates!

-Story Mode Video Updated!

-Mood Detector can now be used to check pets' status!

-Website Update!

-Looters, Raiders and Bandits abilities have been Updated!

-Vending machine prices adjusted!

-Shop Update!

-This includes some prices and Inventory!

-Loot containers updated!

-More hidden loot added!

-Multiple Icons updated!

-and multiple other fixes!

Work in Progress...still need to finish a few things before I can give an update for this..

If you have any issue, please note below!

Thanks again for being an awesome community and keep on surviving!!!

stay tuned...

Have a Great Night and Survive Well!

Miolhr Company

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