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Update 20.8.6 finally Live!

Welcome back Miolhrians!

Miolhrians 20.8.6 Update is here and it is our biggest update ever!!! NEW YEAR with some fixes and updates. we go...

This Update will polish up our UI a bit...

Now this update will include....

I want to thank everyone again and also a helper who donated quite a bit to keep use going with our biggest update to include so...much!!!

-Big Comic/Game Update!

-This will sync our Mio la mon pet names with our comic!

-Major pet remodels for most pets in game and even icons have been updated!

-UI has been tweaked!

-Major adjustment now allowing you to see your summoned friend in battle!!!

-Multiple NEW pets are summonable!

-Update many items and some you can use for other purposes!

-Environmental Updates!

-NEW Wider screen display allowing you to experience more into the action!

-You only have 2 quick access spots for each hand!

-NEW Display for Survival Meters while exploring!

-Complete Battle HUD! (Finally, right?)

-Mi Device (Discovery) Updated!

-Last 2 Legendary Added to Miolhria!

-Multiple fixes with pets and cleaning up abilities!

-Story Mode Complete! (with 2 endings)

-Vineplants can now be found in all biomes!

-Mood Detector can now be used to check pets' status!

-Website Update!

-Looters, Raiders and Bandits abilities have been Updated!

-Vending machine prices adjusted!

-Shop Update!

-This includes some prices and Inventory!

-Rude Raiders make their return!

-Raiders with bikes are now faster than other raiders!

-Traders Updated!

-Flight animations Updated!

-Updated and flushed out rarity indicators and items!

-Loot containers updated!

-Pet Icons have been updated!

-Pet toys can now be used!

-Bandits, Looters and Raiders can now defend in battle!

-Loot updated in many Poi's!

-Hidden Item indicator now purchasable in some shops!

-Titles Updated!

-Air Drop Indicator Updated!

-Biome Moons Updated!

-Bandit Flag Updated!

-Traders have been update!

-Mi Device fixed!

-Spawning items fixed!

-New Quest!

-Blazing Tower Updated!

-You can now compete in the Blazing Fire Tower and Sludge Poison Tower!

-Intro Update and fixes!

-Increased chances on enemies breaking into your home!

-Both Towers Updated!

-Player model updated!

-New Crafts, Items and collectables!

-Update! Protein stat drops every 100 steps!

-Max Protein 100!

-Doors your homes are now upgradable!

-Pets now recover if they use to much stamina!

-Pet recovery deals 1-5 damage to the user!

-Some enemies take flight during the day and come down to fight at night!

-Field of View reduced to help with loading larger upcoming maps!

-Camera view cleaned up a bit!

-More hidden loot added!

-Multiple Icons updated!

-and multiple other fixes!

Work in Progress...still need to finish a few things before I can give an update for this..

If you have any issue, please note below!

Thanks again for being an awesome community and keep on surviving!!!

stay tuned...

Have a Great Night and Survive Well!

Miolhr Company

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