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Update 19 v2 (Week 2)

2nd Week Update Miolhrians...Almost at Update 19 lets get into it!

Even though Update 19 isn't complete everyone with the Game can try it out and report issues!

Wrench required to make sure everything is well...

Updates include...

V.2 (Week 2)

  • NEW Pet Stamina and Battle System fixes!

  • Multiple fixes to some Mio-la-mon spawn and Abilities!

  • Bike Storage Added! (Will be added for bike modes at bike shop)

  • Elevators Updated! (Use-able with Storyline Coming Soon!!!)

  • Multiple fixes!

  • More Balancing to home and POI sizes!

  • Animal(Moi-la-mon)!

  • Bandit Looter Raider Trader and some NPC Updated! (1/2 NPC Update)

  • Adjusted Class on HUD!

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