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Patch 19.3.1(Live Build)

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Welcome back Miolhrians! Finally getting into some Pre-Story!

Just hammer and nails fixes for today...

  • Updated Floor and Walls for all locations!

  • Eating, Drinking and Rest Notifier Update!

  • Starting Menu Update!

  • Story Mode is Now Selectable!

  • Delay added to Unlocking Gold and Silver Chests in POI's!

  • Updated Camera View for resting!

  • Shoddy Rod can now be used for fishing!

  • Resting Chairs are now breakable!

  • Environmental fixes for multiple maps!

  • Gloves, Rings and Bracelets coming soon to loot!

  • These items will affect your stats!

  • Fix Inventory Lock Added back after much needed fixes!

  • Fixes Poison Vultor and Poison Gator!

  • Updated New Tutorial for training area!

and more to come...

Experimenting with Leaderboard! (In the Works)

Trading between players! (In the Works)

Thanks again

Miolhr Company!

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