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Update 19.2.6(Live Build)

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Testing build brings DoJo and the Ultimate Challenge!

Welcome back Miolhrians! Finally getting into some Pre-Story with DoJo Battles!

Update 19.2 has a lot of fixes including...

  • NEW Door (Dojo) Types added!

  • NEW POI Added to Bland Mines!

  • Fixes to Type while in Pet Battles!

  • This update allows you to take the type of your pet in pet battles rather than your own!

  • Adding in Poison and Blazing Dojos!

  • Quest Alerts Updated!

  • Title Battles against Challengers!

  • Adding in multiple Elevators with storylines.

  • Attack Boosters can now be used by some Challengers and Bandit Enemies!

  • Good Rarity Loot-able Items Added!

  • Morti Pharmaci (POI) Added back to Alph Tunnel after much needed fixes!

  • DoJo Challenger Fighting Animation Updated!

  • Sludge Dojo Updated!

  • Title design Updated!

  • Challenger Beacon Added!

  • (You can now request Challenges after winning or losing the title!)

  • (Challenger Beacon Added to COMM Device!)

  • COMM Devices added to Trade location!

  • Raider Battles Updated!

  • (Some Raiders and Challengers now may have Anti Heal ability which disables you from healing!)

  • You can now take Radiation Damage from opening Radiated Barrels.

  • RAD Ability added to some Pets!

  • RAD tablets added to some machines and as loot!

  • Walking backwards against a ladder can result in sprain leg!

  • (this is only for going down ladders not up them!)

  • Environmental Improvements

  • (Grass, Roads, Ladders, Cave Entrances, Dungeon Entrances, Cave Floor and Foliage)

  • Updated Signs for Buildings and POI Locations!

  • Food Poisoning Updated!

  • (Can now get Food Poisoning from drinking dirty and Outside water! 5%)

  • (Reduced chance of getting Knocked Out from 10% to 1%)

  • (Food Poisoning now last 10 Steps)

  • All Poisonous Grass will hurt you unless wearing appropriate footwear!

  • Updated Clothing Items!

  • Loot Updated based on New Clothing and logic spawns!

  • Lanterns are limited from 10 to 1 of each type!

  • Fix to Crashing at Training area!

  • Updated New Tutorial for training area!

  • Healing Heaters can now be Upgrade to reduce Watts!

  • Healing Heaters now removes Frozen and Frostbite Status!

  • Advanced Heater Temp Watts reduced from 5W(Watts) to 3W(Watts)!

  • Advanced Heaters no longer heal being Sick or Miolhrian Plague!

  • Win and Lose Streak Added for Challenger Battles! (Test Build)

  • Posion(Sludge) and Fire (Blazing) DoJo Challengers Updated! (Test Build)

  • Some Pets will now flee from battle! (Test Build)

more to come

More Updates to locations and environments!

and more to come...

Thanks again

Miolhr Company!

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