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Update 19.1 is Now Live!

Happy New Year Miolhrians!!!! I hope the New Year is treating everyone well!

Let's get started with some updates...

January Updates....

(Live Build) 01/10/2022 Update 19.1

(Tester Build) 01/10/2022 Update 19.2 Testing Begins for Testers

01/20/2022 New Pets and Evolutions added to Testing Build

01/31/2022 Update 19.2 Coming Soon!

(these are set to change depending on any delays)

  • Mii Device Update!

  • Mi Discovery Added!

  • New Pets Added!

  • Unique Flee Rate for each Pet!

  • Pets can now defend you while sleeping!

Chances of winning depends on their (Pet) Defense rate!

  • Multiple fixes including sleeping bags!

  • Pet Win chance are now based on the individual pet!

  • Location Maps Updates and fixes!

  • Environmental adjustments!

  • Performance Updates!

  • You can now buy and sell Ultra Mio'la'mon Abilities!

  • Big Inventory Update! (Awesome Job @KageDesu)

Inventory will take no time to be removed from Chest to Bag!

more to come!!!

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