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Update 18.9 is Now Live in 1024 x768!!!

Good Morning from here Miolhrians!!

..a little late. I know...


Update 18.9

  • All Battle Animation for Bandits and Animals Update*(3/3)

    • All Battle Animation for Animals are Updated! ​

  • Major Resolution Upgrade!!! [1024x768]

  • Major Update for Portuguese build!!!

  • Multiple POI's Updated!​

  • New Rescue Quest can be found in Miolhria!

  • Updated Upgrade for Devices!

  • NEW Miolhrian Device Added!

  • NEW Slot n' Pop POI Added!

  • New Burntown Bandits make a return to Miolhria!

  • New Bandit Trader for Desert Biome

  • 2 NEW Bandit Quest with Illegal Packages!

    • Being caught with these packages will park you as a Bandit Class! (Update 19)​

  • New Suits Added!​

    • ​You cannot wear anything on your head, lower body or feet while in a suit!​

  • Adjusted spawn points for some enemies!

  • Adjusted Render Distance of Enemies and Items Spawning into Maps!

  • Adjusted Lighting in all Maps!

  • Adjusted Shadows on all Enemies and Items!

  • Adjusted Inventory Update!

  • Random Selection Adding at Introduction!

  • Pets can now be Summoned!!!(Update 1/3)

    • Up to 12 Abilities can be taught to each pet!​

    • Pets can only learn one ability at a time!

  • Miolhrian Device Added to Introduction!

  • Updated Introduction! (3/4)

  • Update 5% chance of poisoning from drinking from water faucet!

  • Updated Fishing and fishing animations!

  • Updated Death at Survival for Survival and Upcoming Hardcore Mode!

    • Revival is now only access able on Survival and Hardmore Mode!​

    • (Check Death at Survival Page for more information)

  • Updated Training Area!

  • Rescue Quest added!

  • Expand Dungeons and some Tunnels!

  • Fixes to Gould Safehouse!

  • Fix rotation speed in game!

  • Fixed controllers use for inventory and movement!

  • Fix (Game now starts during the day allowing Explorers more time to explore)

  • Fixes to multiple items that didn't work with last update!

  • Atm withdraw and deposit fix!

  • Fixes to broken starting lantern!

  • Remove Mouse use for adjusting screen for Improvements!

Coming Soon....

  • Traps in POI's (Coming in Update 19)

  • Guard NPC (Coming in Update 19)

and many more changes and Updates...

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