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Update 18.8.1 is Live!

Just some Hammer and Nail Work Miolhrians!

Just some things to fix with new Update Miolhrians!!!

Sorry Miolhrians..Minor delay on patch! Thanks again for your patients!!

First Language Build!!! Welcome Portuguese! (1/2)

Patch 18.8.1
  • New Craft-ables!

  • New Books!

  • New Items!

  • Suits Outfits Updated!

    • Some suit outfits no longer take damage from walking on poison and fire!​

  • T.V Update!

    • Tele now include 10 Commercial Channels!

    • Tip Channel added for Safehouses!

  • Remake Power Generators!

  • Added back ATM Machines!

  • Classes and Class Info Update!

  • NEW Trader Hours 8am-11:50pm!

  • New Quest U.I 2.0 Added!

    • You can now see live quest as you do them!​

  • New Vending Machines Added!

  • New Watt Generator Model!

    • Changed Generator outlet in Bland!​

  • Update COMM Device to be only used for Calling Trader and Player Status!

    • You can now call 1/4 Traders from your COMM Device!​

    • Each Trader has its own selling prices!

  • Updated Stove Animations!

  • Updated Status Screen for COMM Device!

  • Security Device Updated!

  • New Miolhrian and Bandit Flags Added!

    • Some POI's will include Miolhrian Flags and other Bandit Flags!​

  • Bow n'Arrow Kits can now be used in battle!

  • Bow n'Arrows can be used only against Z's!

  • Home Location Fixed!

  • Elevator Added to Gould Guard Station!

  • Reduced Timer for base defense!

  • Intro Selection Updated!

  • Drinking water will now remove Burning/Heated-Up!

  • Revival Chance increased from 50% to 75%!

  • Replaced Registers with Broken ATM's!

  • Z's Abilities Added in Game on Website!

  • 10 Total Random Spawn points on Survival Mode!

  • You now start with a Map on Survival Mode!


Coming Soon...

Exploring with your pets! (Update 19?)

Ability to Train and Level Up you pet! (Update 19?)

Pyrite Breaker Shoes(Update 19?)

Bike GPS and Bike Map(Update 19?)

COMM Device for Bike (Update 19?) and many more changes and Updates...

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