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Upcoming Update 19.4! (19.3.2 Testing Build Only)(03/20/22)

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

  • Storyline Update!

  • Ultra-Abilities Update!

  • New Pets Added to Miolhria!

  • Item limit max for some items reduced (99)!

  • New Selection of Gloves, Pants, Tops and more!

  • Updated Storage with all Clothing!

  • All Loot locations updated with more items to spawn!

  • New Main Quest(s) and Updated Quest(s)!

  • Active Ultra Abilities- Multiple can be active at the same time! (Check Abilities Page)

  • Passive Active Abilities- Only one can be active at the same time! (Check Abilities Page)

  • Research Benches Updated!

  • Rarity Update!

  • Clothing and Weapons now have stats that will may you!

  • Updated all NPC Models

  • Clothing, Faces, Eyes and some hair models!

  • Deconstructor in now upgradable!

  • This device can now be used to clear out inventory!

  • New Clear POI Quest(s)!

  • Updated Battle Pets!

  • New Items!

  • Multiple Pet Updated!

  • Effective and Non-Effective Battle Boost updated!

  • Effective Type +15 Damage in Battle

  • Fire +15 Boost Attack Damage against Ice

  • Water +15 Boost Attack Damage against Fire

  • etc...

  • Updated Credits Page!

  • Chairs Update!

  • +Using chairs will restore Pet stamina to (3)!

  • -If Pet stamina is higher than (3) it will be reduced to (3) after sitting!

  • Stamina Tablets Updated!

  • Tablets now give you +1 regardless of Pet being active!

  • Environmental Improvements

  • (Desert Biome and Caves)

  • Updated Clothing Items!

  • Loot Updated based on New Clothing and logic spawns!

  • Updated New Tutorial for training area!

  • Multiple Audio Fixes! (New Audio + Updated Audio)

  • Fixes to Inventory!

  • More to come!

...that is all for now Miolhrians!

Have a Great Night and Survive Well!

Miolhr Company

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