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Upcoming Update 19.3(Test Build Only)

Testing build brings DoJo and the Ultimate Challenge!

Welcome back Miolhrians! Finally getting into some Pre-Story with DoJo Battles!

Update 19.3 has a lot of fixes including...

  • NEW Door (Dojo) Types added!

  • NEW POI Added to Bland Mines!

  • Fixes to Type while in Pet Battles!

  • This update allows you to take the type of your pet in pet battles rather than your own!

  • Adding in Poison and Blazing Dojos!

  • Title Battles against Challengers!

  • Adding in multiple Elevators with storylines.

  • Attack Boosters can now be used by some Challengers and Bandit Enemies!

More Updates to locations and environments!

and more to come...

Thanks again

Miolhr Company!

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