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Update 19.2 (01/31/22)

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

  • Fixes to some summon Pets!

  • New Pets Added!

  • More Environmental Fixes!

  • Multiple Maps extending for upcoming story!

  • More Items Fixes!

  • Quest Notification Update!

  • Quest Notification Updated!

  • Security Guards and Most Bandits Now have Pets! (Pet Battle Updated)

  • Inventory Pack Final Update!

  • New Mio'la'mon Added to Miolhria!

  • Nilo Pet Added!

  • Fire Flox (Updated)!

  • Naveer Added!

  • Blasher (Updated)!

  • Physical Chobo (Update)!

  • Poison, Ice and Fire Lyft (Updated)!

  • Volo Added!

  • Articol Added!

  • Fire Flant Added!

  • Fire Flant Added!

  • Physical Vateer Added!

  • Physical Tyrotor Added!

  • Poison Tyrotor Added!

  • Sewing Machine Device Updated!

  • Research Beach Updated!

  • Final 3 Mio'la'mon Added to Mi Device! (Delayed Coming Soon)

  • Multiple Doors and Cabinets Fixed in POI's!

  • Audio Fix for Escaping Battle through Flee and using Bow n'Arrow kit!

    • Major Audio fixed when fleeing or using Item out of Battle!

  • Experience Updated for all (Mio'la'mon)Pets, Hordes and Bosses!

  • Updated Horde Sprites!

  • Bandits now have random animations!

    • Some bandits may be working at workbench or repairing their bikes!

  • Tutorial Updated for Safehouses!

  • Multiple Crafting Items fixed!

  • Minor Updates to homes and Poi's!

  • Overhauled HUD based on Mi Device!

  • Starting Work on Story-Mode for Beta Build! (In the works..)

  • Attack Boost and Defense Boost Meds Added for testing!

  • Rebalanced some pet Attack+Defense+Flee Stats!

  • Updated Special Items in most Vending Machines!

  • Vending Machine Update 2!

  • Multiple Base Fixes!

    • Some Bases now have Lockers on buying them. (Storage) (Prices may change)

    • Some Bases now have safes on adding them. (Storage) (Prices may change)

  • Beta Vending Machine Added to Test Build with Pets "Life Abilities"!

  • Sick Status Update!

    • Sick last until cured!

    • Sickness Status can now be removed through Honey and some soups!

      • Full Honey +100% Chance

    • Half Honey +50% Chance

  • Frozen Status Updated!

    • Frozen will limit your Life (HP-10%)!

  • Damage Walls Added to random POI for Repair!

That is all for now miolhrians...

...oh wait...

coming soon!!!

Have a Great Night!!

Miolhr Company

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