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Patch 19.1.2

Fixing up a lot lately...repairs from Update 19 Miolhrians....

Here is what we have in store!!

Minor Updates to homes and Poi's!

Mio'la'mon Pet Stats Updated for Attack, Defense, Stamina and Flee Rate!

Audio Fix for Escaping Battle through Flee and using Bow n'Arrow kit!

Major Audio fixed when Fleeing or using Item out of Battle!

Experience for Battles being Balanced!

Updated for all (Mio'la'mon)Pets, Zombies, Hordes and Bosses!

Updated Horde Sprites!

Bandits now have random animations!

Some bandits may be working at workbench or repairing their bikes!

Tutorial Updated for Safehouses!

Multiple Crafting Items Fixed!

COMM Device Updated!

Attack Boost and Defense Boost Meds Added for testing!

Flee Boost Added for testing!

Pet Pack Added for testing!

Pet Packs can only be used when a pet is summoned!

Beta Vending Machine Added to Test Build with Pets "Life Abilities"!

and much more to come....

Thanks again to all the latest testers!!

You have helped put together the best patch so far!!

Have a Great Night Miolhrians!!!

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