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Patch 19.1.1

Back to repairs from Update 19 Miolhrians....

Here is what we have in store!!

Minor Updates to homes and Poi's!

Overhauled HUD based on Mi Device!

Rebalanced Most Mio'la'mon (pet) Attack+Defense+Flee Stats!

Starting Work on Story-Mode for Beta Build!

Vending Machine Update 2!

Multiple Base Fixes!

2 New Pets Added in for testing!

Attack Boost and Defense Boost Meds Added for testing!

Updated Special Items in most Vending Machines!

Beta Vending Machine Added to Test Build with Pets "Life Abilities"!

Sick Status Update!

Sickness Status can now be removed through Honey and some soups!

Full Honey +100% Chance

Half Honey +50% Chance

and much more to come....

Thanks again to all the latest testers!!

Have a Great Night Miolhrians!!!

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