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Open Update 19 Early Play...

Sorry about the delay Miolhrians...We had to take the game down to repair a few things and setup a New build...

Even though Update 19 isn't complete everyone with the Game can try it out and report issues!

Wrench required to make sure everything is well...

Game was taken down to test

  • Pet Capture in all biomes! (Testing going well...TBA)

  • Possible Multiplayer (Testing going well...TBA)

Updates include...

  • NEW Pet Stamina and Battle System!

  • (This allows you to use your pet in battles rather than fighting them yourself) (Pet stamina is limited to 10 and each battle lose -1 per battle on win) (-2 stamina)

  • New Abilities added for some Pets!(-1 Stamina for all skills until balancing)

  • New Ultra Ability which gives your Pet a 99% Win Chance against Animals and Zombies(-3) this excludes Bosses, Hordes, (Bandits, Looter and Raider for now)

  • Adjusted Weather patterns in all biomes!

  • Updated buildings to show 1 and 2 Floors buildings!

  • Battle interface was adjusted for 1024x768 resolution change fixes!

  • Tons of Translation updates for Portuguese build!

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