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Early Pre-Release Update 20 Live!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Welcome back Miolhrians!

No breaks needed with this one Miolhrians 20 will bring more..

Before we do, I would like to thank everyone who is supporting us with the next installment of 2nd Season of Miolhr the Comic which you can support of GoFundMe below! The First 12 Issues which includes the first season can be seen on Webtoons at no cost. If you like it help us, get this out by years end!

Now let's get into Update 20....

Starting of Miolhrians...sad new is a restart is required as a few systems and issues where addressed which requires a restart for game!

Reworks for multiple maps!

Arch update to allow the game to run on lower end PC's!

Map transfer in some locations fixed!

New Ability shoes updated with color code to rock type!

More locations are now accessible and some old locations like garages are complete for exploration!

Miolamon (Pet) Notifier Added!!!

You can now see what pet you have active on your HUD!

3 NEW Achievements!

Tutorial Update 4.0!

Battle Tower Updated!

NEW Unknown Water Battle Pets added to the world!

These are capture-able and may give you great loot!!!

Mi Devices can now be upgrade-able to show current Quests!

2 NEW POI's Added to Miolhria!

Gorny Mart II and New mini cave!

Multiple floor models have been updated!

Updated and NEW Covers for In-Game Comics!

2 NEW Clear POI Quests!

NEW clear Poi quest with loot and cash on completion!

These quests also include penalties if you cancel or quit them!

Vending machines now go down and don't sell things after dark!

All vending machines now go down at night until venders restock them!

Random Traders for Mio'la'mon!

There are New 2 Pet traders added Miolhria who will trade rare pets for other pets!

Can you find them?

Intro Updated for Story!

New Items!

Multiple stats and pets abilities fixes!

NEW Unknown Physical Battle Pets added to the world!

These pets are not capture-able but may give you great loot!!!

Updated Shop added throughout Miolhria!!!

Work in Progress...still need to finish a few things before I can give an update for this..

Water Based Z's make their return to Miolhria!!!

Water damage will soak you character.

Increases chance of stun.

Increase chance of becoming sick.

Multiple fixes and updates to Dojos!

Multiple fixes with locations, zombies, spawning and minor issues posted!

and last but not least much more to come before the update...

stay tuned...

If you have any issue, please note below!

Thanks again for being an awesome community and keep on surviving!!!

Have a Great Night and Survive Well!

Miolhr Company

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