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Demo Update 19?

Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

Happy Holidays Miolhrians!

We are just 3 Days away from Update 19!

We will be releasing Demo 19 a bit early though but don't worry much more is available for Full Game.

So, what is in Update 19?

Week 3 Updates!

New Chest System add to Miolhria!

Small Chest holds 5 Items!

Med Chest holds 15 Items!

Large Chest holds 25 Items!

Different sizes in different POI's!

Some POI Locations map sizes have been adjusted!

Update Bike Storage!

Performance Update!

(8GB Memory Minimum)

Training Area Updated!

You can now access your menu in the Training Area!

Accessing menu will be useful for setting audio the way that suits you!

10..x7.. Screen size updated with all resources!

New Special Priced Items at limited Vending Machines!

Multiple Mio-la-mon(Pet) Updated!

This includes Some pets have new Abilities and also NEW Pets added to Game!

In-Game Comics Updated to Live Comics!

Patch based on Testing....

While in K-O(Knocked Out) Status Pets do not listen to you!

Knocked Out status last 50 steps after being (KO)!

Pets will not listen to you when you issue commands for using Abilities and Ultra Abilities!

Slot Machine Update!

Updated Abilities!

Life Abilities Added! (Story Mode to Unlock)

(Life Abilities Added in for testers Only!)

More NPC's Updated!

Vending Machine Update!

Vending machines now run out of items to sell!

Vending machines are refillable from certain quest!

Pet Stamina Added to HUD after Completing Tutorial!

ReAdded after much work Field Bonus from Battle! (Outside, dungeons, tunnels and caves)

Enemies (Zombies) will get a Bonus based on...

Fire Enemies in Desert (Fire Biome)

Ice Enemies during Cold Wave!

Poison Enemies in Poison Biome!

Water Enemies when it is Raining!

Physical Enemies at Night!

(This will include players Bonus for Bandits in Next Update)

Bike Storage Update for all Bikes only!

Each bike only sync storage with the same bike!

Pet Limit and Item Limit Added in!

Max of same Mio-la-mon(Pet) 1 of exact same!

Max Item 99 stacking!

Max Heavy Items ei. Crafting Table 10 stacking!

2 New Quest Available!

Chi Training House POI Added to map!

Quest Collector Added!

This will make it easier to turn in quest!

Devices added to safehouses to turn in your quests!

Updated some status icons!

Updated Tutorial Dummy!

Multiple Quest Fixed!

Fixed storage issue with Kart and storage!

Fixed ATM selection with Mouse usage!

Plague and Sickness States Updated!

Sickness reduces Exp gained to 50% until healed!

Plague reduces Exp gain to 0% until healed!

(You can still cure these by sleeping in a bed at Safehouse only.)

Hidden Mio-la-mon has finally been update!

Hidden Enemies Icon Updated!

Website Updated to show a lot of this as well!

Way too much?

Anyhow Miolhrians get rest and survive well!

I will see you on the 27th for Official 19 Update!!!

Miolhr Company

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