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Demo Update 18.9.1

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Steam and Demo has been Update!

Upcoming Update 19 coming soon but until then...

Patch 18.9.2 (12/10/2021)

will include..

  • Update Bike Storage!

  • Multiple Fixes!

  • HUD Updated to final design!(Day/Night)

  • Selectable Pet drops added back in game after adjustments!

(You can access storage from anywhere after placing your bike)

  • Multiple Storage fixes in all POI's!

  • Limited Storage added back in game to all chests!

Testing for Update 19

will start (12/10/2021)!

will include..finally...

  • Pet Battles!

  • Pet Stamina Tablets!

(No longer do the work of a good pet I say..or not..)

This includes all types and against all enemies!

  • Pickaxe and Axe Animation added for testing!

  • New Small(5) Medium(15) and Large(25) Chest Added!

New Chest System add to Miolhria!

Different sizes in different POI's!

...that is all for now...

Thanks again and thanks for the feedback everyone!

Night Miolhrians!!!

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