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Steam Alpha 16.9


16 (0.6)

16 (0.7.)

16 (0.8.)

16 (0.9.)


Good Morning from here Miolhrians!!

Update 16.6 Patch

Fix Spawning by Bandits without warning!

Added Wolf Animal and Slugs!

Fixed destroying Items in none Player Homes

and more adjustments!


Update 16.7

Fix Class Leveling!

  • Kid Classes +0Hp per Level

  • Bandit & Looter +0.25Hp per Level

  • Fire Ice Poison Water Classes +1Hp per Level

Loot Response in POI after 500 Steps in CAS!

Looters will now take your bike if you leave it in a POI!

Increase Bag Weight for most Items and Clothing!

New Coal Crafts Book Updated!

Communication Device Upgraded!

New Trader Quest Added!

Updated Base Defense!

  • (Based on Defense % Looters will not break in your home!)

Extended Tutorial!

You can now heal from Infections by Sleeping!

Update 16.8

  • Updated Temp!

  • (You no longer just jump back to 72 Degrees when entering a home)

  • Decrease Lantern's Light Radius!

  • Adjusted Sup. Bike Durability 30/30!

  • Added Fishing Animation to Fishing Spots!

  • Added in New Battle Music and Local Music!

  • Updated and Sort Items in more locations!

  • New Bandit and Miolhrian Quest Added!

  • Adjusted Prices at Trader!

  • New Story Based Items Added!

  • Updated Air Drop Notification and Items!

  • New Map System Added for Biome!

  • Item and Prices Rebalanced!

  • Fixed HUD in Survival Mode!

Patch 16.8.1

  • Fixed Inventory Patch!(Crashing while using Inventory in Battle)

  • Adjusted HUD! (Temp Meter only shows you temp)

  • Temp and Watts Meters Updated!

  • Fixed Sink and remove Water container for Fixing!

  • Adjusted Controls Keyboard and Controller!

  • Bag can now be set and is saved anywhere on screen!
    • Num Controls Added!

    • Tab used to Access Inventory for Keyboard

    • Ctrl(Control now used to collect all loot for Keyboard)

    • You can now access Inventory with X Key (Controller)

    • You can now loot all with Select Key (Controller)

    • Look Up and Down adjusted to triggers (Controller)

  • WASD controls set in game!​

Update 16.9

  • Bandit Spawn on Air Drops!

  • Reduced Air Drops!

  • New Zombie(Fire & Poison) Added!

  • Added Alert Response for Battle!

  • New Flox's Added!(Capturable)

  • New Slug, Wolf and Snake Update!(Capturable)

  • New Scorpion Added! (Capturable)

  • Updated Cabinets and Walls in some POI's!

  • New Quest Notifications!

  • New Treasure Hunting Quest Added!

  • Added "I" for Inventory and "T" for Take all for Keyboard!

  • New Mort Pharmaci and Mines Location to Bland Town!

  • Multiple Environmental Fixes!

  • First 2 of 15 Dungeons Added to Miolhria! (Alisi & Cane Dungeon)

  • Multiple Home and Environmental Fixes!




Update 17
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