Friend or Foe?

  • Friend


  • Foe


Friend and Foe State


  • Friend and Foe State

  • Friend and Foe state when you first start you adventure gives you a boost or deboost in either..

  • Health,

  • Sp/MP,

  • Attack,

  • Defense,

  • Sp.Attack,

  • Sp.Defense,

  • Dodge.

  • CAS.


  • These stats can effect your ability to bribe a teammate with money rather than looking for an item they want for dispotion. Lastly this stat has a chance of allowing teammates to abandon you during a Chance of Exploration send off.



  • Friend or Foe on Team

Your teammates also get a boost or deboost when you add them to your team from the above stats. (Not including house guest or animals)





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Last Updated 04/20/21

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