Food and Water

Health and Rest





Basic Crafting can be accessed by pressing the "D" key. This allows you to do basic crafting.

Health and Rest Crafting can be used to create Healing and Resting Items. You can access this with a cooking kit or Heal Box.

Clothing Crafting can be used to Create clothing, Armor, Shoes and more. You can access this with Clothing racks in Safehouses.

Food and Water Crafting can allow you to create food and Drinks. This doesn't Put out lite Fires.(Campfire) Campfire Cooking Kit and Food Box are ways to access this.

Weapon Crafting can be used to repair Weapons.

Home Crafting can be used in created homes. Home Crafting allows you to Create Home Items. This can be accessed after creating a home and using A guest Device or Home Box.

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Last Updated 01/13/21

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