Patching things up Miolhrians...

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • Fire Biome Updated!

  • Tornado Chance increased to 5% in WindStorm on 5th Turn!

  • Plaque Nights Updated! (Recover sleep now takes 3 Days instead of 3 Months)

  • Fixed Increased Trees Foraging Output when Raining!

  • Cooking Pot Updated and Added to homes and throughout Miolhria!

  • Pan and Cooking pot are now added into Basic Crafting Recipe!

  • Tutorial Updated based on Update 12!

  • Fixed Heaters!

  • Fixed Outside Water barrels to collect water only when it rains!

  • Now with Full Controller Support!

  • Updated Craft-Mode Icon!

  • Craft-Mode required for most Forages!

  • Updated Mushrooms, Cactus, Honey Trees, Bushes and Apple Tree Forages!

  • Collect double the material when foraging from Potted Devices!(WIP)

  • Updated Save Load and Delete Window!

  • Added Dash ability![WIP]

  • Trader Beacon Bag added!(Alerts traders to show up in your biome)

  • Item Bag Updated!

  • Adjusted Weather

  • Wet Status Added! (makes player resistant to being Pre Heated, Heated or Burned)

  • Extended backpack added to character!(WIP)

  • Farming place-able spots adjusted to include..Crops, Animal traps, Pulsers and Water Barrels!

  • Adjusted Craft-able Homes!

  • Adjusted Brand Medical Location!

  • Adjusted Battle HUD! (Level enemy posting first few turns)

  • Skill setup and basic information from Skills Tab!

  • Multiple Crafts Updated!

  • and many fixes!​

If Time Allows...

New Animations for battle skills Coming Soon!

Last Updated 06/10/20

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