Somewhat of a major update Miolhrians!

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • Updated Animal Models! (1/2)​

  • (Update)Environmental Update Part 4!

  • (Update)DMPD is now Craft-able and can now be placed in  Safe-Houses!(Dark Matter Portal Device)

  • (Update)Fully Completed Research Bench!

  • (Update)Move Option added to Devices!

    • Move Option will allow you to Pickup or Destroy a placed Item!​

  • (Update)Update Multiple Tables and Cabinets!

  • (Added)Talli's Blueprint Exchange Shop added to Desert Biome Outlet!

  • (Update)Randomize 1st Bike Durability!(Bike no longer start off broken)

  • (Update)Some home and POI Updates!

  • (Fix) Fixed Healing Heater and Wood Generator crashing issue!

  • (Fix) Fixed Issue with Vending Machine!

multiple small fixes..


  • (Coming Soon)Placeable items in safe houses!

  • (Coming Soon) Claimable Homes!

  • (Coming Soon)Animated Enemy and Characters!

  • (Coming Soon) NPC Challengers!

Last Updated 06/10/20

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